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While Microsoft and other companies have offered large touchscreen Windows 8 PCs for Sale  in the past, they have mostly targeted the business market. This week, a Brazilian company called Apek is trying to sell a similar product but this time as both a PC and as a television for the home.

Apek of Brazil has launched a range of Windows 8.1 powered smart TVs. Called the Apek Maxpad, it is being touted as the world’s first Windows Touch TV. The devices comes in three different screen sizes – 39, 50, and 63.5 inches.


The product page doesn’t say how many points, exactly, can be tracked at once, but 10-point multitouch screens are common these days, so it’s the best guess right now.If it’s true, then the Maxpad Windows 8.1 Touch Smart TV should be able to recognize various gestures (pinching, swiping, rotating, etc.).

The product  is called the Apek Maxpad Smart TV , and comes in 39, 50 and 64.5 inch versions; all three have 1920×1080 touchscreens. Apek will even ship the TV with a custom color of the buyer’s choice. Inside, there’s an AMD A10 processor with a Radeon HD 7660 GPU, along with 8GB of RAM. There’s support for both solid state 60GB drives or a regular 500 GB hard drive for storage. Apek Maxpad Smart TV also comes with a 5 megapixel camera for video conferences.

Besides Windows 8.1, the Apek Maxpad Smart TV includes its own software programs for taking screenshots of TV shows that can then be manipulated by the included art program. Those images can then be sent instantly to a user’s social network account. There is also a DVR feature that allows users to rewind live TV shows as much as 150 minutes in the past.

The  ShowMeTech website  has more information on the Maxpad, which took Apek nearly two years to develop and make before this week’s launch. Maxpad Windows 8.1 Touch Smart TV  also includes a remote for controlling both its TV and PC sides and the company has plans to add telephone support in a future update of the remote.

So you could say that the Apek Maxpad Smart TV is, in truth, more of an all-in-one PC with television functionality.

That said, the Apek Maxpad Smart TV does have all the hallmarks of a Smart TV, from a multi-function remote control to the ability to rewind up to 150 minutes of TV programming. You can search for images, draw, and share files on social networks as well.

Finally, the Apek Maxpad Smart TV offers frame color customization (“the first product in its genre to offer color customization,” the product page says) and comes with a wide view camera (allows you to hold video Conferences  in 1920 x 1080 Full HD quality).

The Maxpad Windows 8.1 Touch Smart TV  is now available for sale in Brazil & the site claims prices  are $16,000 in Brazilian Real (about $5,400 in US dollars) for the 39 inch model,  $21,000 BRL for the 50 inch version ($9,000 US) and $27,000 BRL ($12,000 US) for the 63.5 inch unit. There’s no word on if Apek plans to expand sales to other markets.