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To have an android phone is one of the advantages people have because of the fact that it never fails to give satisfaction to its users. We can listen music, watch videos, take photos, saves various types of files, play games, surfing the net which all feature found in one device and then we can say everything we can do by experiencing a whole new level of enhancement.

On the other hand one of the cons of android phones is that it has the battery that will be easily get drained. It is well known fact that the quick draining of the android batteries is due to continuous running of the various apps installed on the phones. Google and play services are the two apps that keep on running without knowing the phone owner.

So, after knowing the fact of quick passage of battery, there are several batteries saving application in the Play Store that helped the phone battery to last a day without charging it again and again.

The first app is “DU Battery saver”. It is a free app for battery saving that gives phones and tablets up to 50% more battery life. This app includes smart pre-set battery saving management mode and easy one-touch controls that will increase the life of android device batteries.

By using this app it is seen that it help to solve the problem but after few weeks, battery went back to its old routine and drained fast. It is expected that it is not effective when it comes to saving battery energies. However, it is also observed that it is helpful when it comes to fast charging and then monitoring battery usage.

Other related app is also found that will fix problem called “Battery Doctor”.  Battery Doctors is having four features: Save, Charge, Mode and Rank. “Save” option is able to kill the apps that  will drain the battery life. “Charge” option is used for charging battery life quickly. “Mode” option is used where we can choose what type of saving method is useful (Mode means whether it is Airplane Mode or Super Save) . On the other hand “Rank” feature is used where we can see all details of battery consumption.

This app also has the option to “Auto-Kill Apps”  which automatically kills running apps when the screen is off. It also keeps view of the monthly charging record. Based on the observation, Battery Doctor does a very good job. It really extends the battery life that’s why it is considered to be better one.

Another app in the list that is helpful in saving battery life is “Clean master”. This app is free optimizer. “In description it is said that it is an application that is designed to clean junk files to regain free storage, boost up memory, enhance speed and secure device from malicious apps and vulnerabilities.” It is proved to be effective also.

Like Battery Doctor, it also has  four features named as Junk files, Memory Boost, Security & Privacy and App manager.