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facebook news feed

Facebook has announced some days before about the new Facebook News feed algorithm. The new version of the Newsfeed shows only some text-based status updates only from the referred pages, but serves mostly text-based status from users.

The better things about Pages administration is that Facebook will most probably distributing more updates about the status from the media or link-based pages not the text-based.

In one of the blog posted on the Facebook, it is seen that the simpler, text status people can see and share it.  Initially, the result found that on an average 9 millions status updates are written every day.

The text based status updates from the different pages did not give the same result like text status for regular user. After knowing these facts, Facebook has decided to go back on text based updates from different pages.

So, what should a page administrator have to do for making page traffic?

Besides from all these facts, Facebook has decided to switch to media and link based content sharing to make it more informative. Facebook also recommends using that link that will share with most of the people. This type of linking and sharing provides more rich media experience to the consumer.

In the last month, Facebook has made changes to the various links, more attempt to fight with others discovery tools.  Some rumors say that the facebook news feed is nothing, just a fight on news discovery apps because the social media is planning to give a flipboard type newspaper competitor in the coming future.

Mainly the main motive behind every update to News Feed is to show the people interest in the top of their feed and to display it in the best possible way. In the survey, it is found that people will see more text updates on Facebook and also write more text. In an initial survey it is found that on an average 9 millions peoples are updating per day. Due to this, people showed more text updates in News Feed.

Over the time, it is noticed that this effect was not correct for text status from the various pages. After that, the result is found that the latest update found from the News feed ranking treat the text based status of the different pages as the different category from friends. It is well understood that post from different pages coming will behave differently to the post from friends and people are working to improve the ranking position  so that we can do a better job of differentiating between two types. This all post will help in seeing that post that people will want to see.

Many pages owners are asking that which type of pages or the content they should post and it is very difficult to answer because, it depends on the peoples that what they like and number of voting and pages likes. Till now, it is observed that when a certain page is like by the people or share by the people on Facebook, it is done by embedding the link in the status update.


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