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If you want to show your image with your comment on any blog post then you have to set your Gravatar image. Generally, people don’t know how to set this with your profile. Because everyone want that when he/she comment on any website then image come there with his/her name instead of that ugly logo. Now question is how to set this ?

Ok now we are going to tell you. What is the procedure for set the Gravatar. Really this will take your little time. You have to do some smart clicks to set this.

Procedure To Set Gravatar For Your Comment

  • First of all you have to create your own account on with your email address.Gravtar Setting
  • Then go to your e-mail and check your inbox to confirm your account now you access your Gravatar Account.
  • Now login with your login details and start to create your Gravatar by uploading a smart image of you (This image will show with your comments) then click Next and you will see here rating system then you have to choose rating for your image. You can choose Rated G (G rated Gravatar is suitable for display on all websites with any audience type). Procedure is all most done(about 90%).
  • Now you have to login in your WordPress Dashboard and fillup/update some details in Users:Profile-Updating
  • Users>>Your Profile>>User name can’t be change, it’s fixed>>Your First Name>>Your Last Name>>Display Name>>E-mail(It must be same as your Gravatar account mail ID)>>Update Profile>>Done.

Now when you will comment on any blog post there your gravatar image will show with your name and comment. Now concentrate on your comments for sufficient for a quick Backlink. Enjoy… J

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