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iphone 7

Lunch of a new iPhone has always created great buzz in the market and it’s of no surprise that there is a huge speculation going on amongst the iPhone fans that Apple is going to release a new version of its most revered smartphone and this time it will be the iPhone 7.

After the successful campaign of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple is ready to launch the two new devices, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. It is speculated that they can be launched in the third or last quarter of 2015. The new version will have an array of probable features that we will discuss in the following article.

Launch date rumors

As it was previously speculated, Apple is not going to launch the Iphone7 at the WWDC 2015. But it is sure that Apple will launch the device this year and it is now speculated that the most probable time is going to the third quarter of this year i.e. around the month of September.


Iphone 7 is going to be a great experience. All the tried and tested features of the previous versions will be incorporated as well as new features and up-gradation will be added. Some of the key technical features that one may expect to get from the iPhone7 are:

  • Screen size — It is speculated that Apple will continue to have the 4.7 inch screen for the The marker review has shown that 4.7 inch screen was more accepted than the 5.5 or 4 inch screen.
  • Camera — Camera technology of iPhone7 is speculated to reach a new height and will show a significant improvement over the previous versions.
  • iOS 9 — Iphone7 will have all the features of the recently released version of iOS 9.
  • Powerful processor and More RAM — Iphone7 is going to have a powerful Quad processor based on a 14 nanometer design which will be more compact and highly efficient. The RAM capacity may also increase from 1GB to 2 GB.
  • Extended battery life — Though it is speculated that battery life may be increased, but with the current design specification, it is very hard to tell whether it will be the same or improved.


New Features

It is speculated that iPhone 7 is going to incorporate an array of new features that will be featured for the first time in any iPhone. In a way it will start a new age of the Apple’s iPhones.

  • 3D Display — According to a report by Economic Daily News, Apple’s iPhone7 may include the feature of a naked eye 3D screen.
  • Smarter camera — It is speculated that Apple may increase the camera megapixel value from 8 to 12, in iPhone7. Along with it a 4 MP front camera with 120° vision range will be available. A smart two-lens system will allow the users to take DSLR quality pictures.
  • Dynamic Home Button — One of the most awaited features that may be incorporated in the Iphone7 will be the dynamic, sensitive to gesture Home button which can be used to scroll in both directions.
  • Other key features include Joystick style Home Button, Force Touch features and Wireless Charging.


So it is beyond doubt that Apple’s Iphone 7 is the most awaited smartphone on the market and if Apple incorporated all these new features in it, Iphone7 will surely usher a new era in the world of Smartphones.