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The second major update is given by Microsoft from Window 8 to Window 8.1 in its 18 month life to integrate windows desktop and tablets apps. The latest version of Window 8.1, is released in October 2013, gives various enhancements to the Start screen, and stored back the start button to the desktop, but windows desktop and tablets will be integrated. Now let’s see some free updates in the category of two-in-one concepts.

The first change we will notice is that the OS is now boots by default to the desktop screen, without going to the start screen. This working of Window 8.1 is optional but enables it by default to represent a welcome note that the modern user interface is not the centre of Window desktop computing.

The second major update that will observe in latest release for window 8.1 is window store icon on taskbar giving the major change in Window store apps.  Like regular desktop application, Window store icons can now pinned to the taskbar and icons appear with full screen apps that are already opened. This means that we can now directly switched over windows desktop into tablets apps without taking a long step to the Start screen.

Now, it is also easier to switch between running programs. The Alt+Tab desktop shortcut, also still does not show any full-screen tablet apps that may be running in the background. But now, we can see everything’s open in both environments by going at the taskbar and just click to the desire tablet apps.

Now, it is possible to drag down from the top of full-screen app, to make visible the title bar. This property will provide some visual affordance to Windows 8 drag drop feature as well as minimize and close button, so that mouse button will no longer need to move Window 8’s  swiping gestures with mouse. The dropdown menu at the left hand side of the title bar gives an app into a split-screen mode with no dragging option with window.

These changes will bring Window 8’s as two different operating modes start to seem for first time like two sides of same coin.

Now, some few changes have been made to the Start screen.  After right clicking on the Live Tiles present a dropdown menu, rather than a button bar on the bottom of the screen makes easier to access the options like Resize, Run as Administrator. We can also click an icon directly to the taskbar.  After the username on the top right of the screen, two new icons is there that offers access to power options and the search interface.   These all re the part of Window 8.1 updates.

Window 8.1 introduces many good ideas, like Flat, Modern-style icons. In the next release of the Window it is assumed that, it comes with scalable, free-floating window. It can be achieved via third party like Modern Mix).

It is also reiterating that the Window 8.1 search interface is more disturbing and not powerful than Window 7 Start menu.

Yet, Window 8.1 will do not turn Window 8 into perfect OS; it is a positive for what it includes, but also for what it points to do.  There is lots of work to do but the Microsoft current update is to show how tablets and desktop co-exist.

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