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Introduction and Design

After the success of Apple’s iPad Mini with Retina Display A$349.00 at Apple Store and Google’s 2013 Nexus 7$189.00 at B&H Photo-video, it is clear that many of the tablets buyers is preferring to do their job of swiping, tapping and aping on a sub-10-inch slate. That’s why window device makers todays are prefer to push its work on window 8.1 tablets.

Above all devices that we have seen so far like dell’s venue 8 pro $259.99 at dell, Lenovo’s miix 28, and Toshiba’s encore $19.99 at Amazon, have features very similar internally like 1,280×800 screen, 2GB of RAM, and an Intel “Bay Trail” Atom Z3740 processor. Most of the similar devices also ship with just 32GB of solid-state storage.

These modern devices make these tablets feel pretty and won’t win any performance but allow some of the low price window devices to grow in the market. Both the devices namely Dell venue 8 Pro and Lenovo’s Miix 28 can currently be choice as price of more than $200.

Lenovo’s latest Think Pad latest slate having the features of mixing Window 8.1 tablet formula when sticking to the standard of 8-inch (OK, 8.3-inch) form factor.

The ThinkPad Tablet 8 is also called as ThinkPad 8 having higher resolution screen (1,920x 1,200) than the above all devices. It comes with 64GB of storage standard and its atom Z3770 processor is slight above from other similar sized window tablets.

It is also having price higher than other direct competitors, at $399, and there is no any other support as we find in other device like Dell’s Venue 8 Pro. Also, battery life of this device is not quite as long as we did like.

If anybody is looking for lack of active stylish support, then ThinkPad Tablet 8 is best option for them and it is the best small window tablets it is found till now.

The ThinkPad 8 has all the pixel of a 24-inch desktop monitor to shrink down to 8.3 inch screen.


The Lenovo is a smart tablet, having the ability to understand business friendly design like anybody will expect from a ThinkPad device. The rounded sides are covered with impact-resistant soft-touch plastic and the backside is made of matter metal that is comfortable to hold and gives the device a premium look. The weight of device is 0.89 pound and .35 inch thick that’s why tablet is solid but not heavy or bulky.

To keep the device in horizontal orientation, the power and volume buttons are on the upper right edge. In lower side, Micro USB 3.0 port is there which will act as charger. The faster 3.0 port means we will able to transfer files to from other device at faster rate and the port will also let the tablet  to charge quickly that it may cover by USB 2.0.

There is some problem with USB 2.0 OTG adapter, when we plugged it to connect it with flash drive, it is noticed that the cable did not fit properly in the port.