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OS X YosemiteThere are Numerous of operating systems for the desktop are present in the market for its buyers. One can find Mac and Windows two different operating systems. OS X Yosemite unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote on June 2, 2014. The beta version of the next-generation is available on the same day, a public launch coming in the later 2014.

What changes one can expect in OS X Yosemite?

Apple has come up with the number of changes for OS X Yosemite in the company’s feature page on the release. The look is more modern for OS X. The “Today” view in notification centre, offers a wider variety of information including integration with third-party apps. Spotlight feature has been improved with new data sources, behaving more like a search engine by pulling in data from Wikipedia, maps, movies, news and more.

Apple knows the trick to combine the mobile and PC. The user can start checking the e-mail on IPhone and then pick up where the user has left for the Mac. One can coordinate between the mobile and desktop with the use OS X Yosemite.

Unique Features of OS X Yosemite


The design a user can expect is that it isn’t just flat. Apple has used translucency to provide a sense of depth and clarity. The translucency in action on title bars for apps, which change based on what your desktop background looks like. In top left corner one can find red, yellow and green spotlight buttons as before, but they are flatter.

ICloud Drive

With the feature of iCloud drive it will help you organise your cloud-based files and synchronize the info across devices.


The mail in Yosemite comes with UI. With the Mail Drop one can send large attachments without having worried about the size of the file. Mail Drop works through the cloud and supports file to 5GB in size. One can sign on a document by the using the trackpad on Mac.


It provides easy access to all favorite sites.  With this feature one easily subscribe to RSS feed. The search field shows all the favorites in drop-down menu. A new tab gives a stacked view of all pages.

Synchronization between iPhone and Mac

The OS X Yosemite will let one integrate in a better way between iOS and OS X experiences. Yosemite OS help Apple in going parallel with the mobile devices. One can send texts to friends and business contact that don’t use OS. This includes MMS messages. Air Drop works between iOS and OS X devices – a long over-due feature.

Instant Hotspot lets one use IPhone as a hotspot without even touching the phone itself. It will appear in the Wi-Fi network just like any other network.