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Reasons  Why Backlinks Not Created By CommentingAll blogger want to create their backlinks in good reputed website to improve their blog rank or traffic. But maximum blogger don’t know how to create backlinks for their blogs. So here we are posting a article for this type of information.

Commenting are basic trick to create backlink. Everybody comment in the blog after study the blog post after reading the post. So here we are going to tell you how to create backlink for your blog, may be you already know this but may be not. In this awesome business called Blooging links and backlinks have a great importance.

Many persons face this type of issue in commenting, it might be possible that you also having this type of problem, problem that is not getting approved of your comments. So take it guys today we are present right here to solve your problem only you all have to read this post carefully.

Reasons For Not Approval Of Comments

·         You don’t set Gravtar Image

When you comment in any blog then it is important to set your gravtar image to identify yourself with your face. This point can be responsible for your issue. All blogger want to good look blog and believe us without Gravtar image looks bad in comment section and most of bloogers really hate this and they don’t approve your cooments. Check: How To Set Gravatar Image

·         May be comment not related to Article

Ok let take a eg: if you read a post about blogging or SEO and after reading the post you are commenting about Rahul Gandhi, then surely he/she will not accept your comment because your have show him/her lake of knowledge and you just trying to create backlinks only.

·         Pasting a link in Comments

This is really a sigh of foolishness. We really don’t know how people are doing this type of activity. They openly show him/her that you are commenting on post only for backlinks .

“I also have a blog for good info check it out http://…………………….”

If you already done this at once or again then it’s ok everyone can stupid once, but if you are going to do this again ever, you are really wasting your time, nobody like this tyoe of coomenting and only inexperienced blogger can approve your comments.

You can add link to your comment but when it is needed in other case, generally never do this things, this activity show that you are new in this field and immature and unknown to blogging.

·         Broken English Language

This also can be a reason that your comments are not getting approval. Because good bloggers want to good look blogs so understoodly they also like good things in comment box for their post. Some commenters comment with wrong languages and broken English ethics for blogger’s awesome work so everybody will hate this. So always try to be simple, straight forward and original word.

·         Choosing Wrong Languages and Words

When you use cheap languages or any bad stuff realated to any religion, racism, or any country. It shows ugly because vulgarity is strictly prohibited in the business of blooging, if you are not feeling comfort with somethings that’s your problem so don’t show up your feelings to anyone, nobody cares, nobody likes it and this is correct. Your comment will be trashed immediately.

·         When You comment only for a Link

It is universal truth and all knows that if you are commenting for a post then you have only a purpose that is backlinks most probably. But if you are showing this clearly through your comment that you only want backlink from that blog. If you are showing that you don’t care about the content of their post then admin will not approve your comment in any case. You need to understand their write ups and questioning from that content. And if you will ask any question from that content surely your comment will approved and will reply to you.

·         Commenting from a fake accounts

It’s very important reason for not approval your comments. So you need never ever never ever use any fake account to comment at any blog, see if a blogger is capable to make you comment on his blog, it simply means he/she is a person with decent knowledge and they can easily find out if your details are fake and in that case there is no probability of approving your comment, post original comment with your name, your profile.

·         Post like a formality

Sometimes bloggers doing some kind of formality for posting a comment and it is totally unacceptable for anyone not even admin. Bloggers want real appreciations or suggestions to their work, they don’t need these type of formality.


Oh wow…what a nice post, great work….;

This is a good post, Thanks for sharing…;

See If he/she has written a post spending their time, then it’s understood that it is a great post, nice post, great work like that, you don’t need to tell them it is great or nice. You need to tell them any suggestion and any query regarding that content.

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