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According to a new report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Google’s Android platform was the leading smartphone OS in the first quarter of 2014.

Android took the top spot in the US with 53 percent of new smartphone activations during the period. Coming in a close second was Apple’s iOS with 42 percent of all activations. Windows phone and BlackBerry lagged behind with a mere 1 percent market share each in the first quarter. The report is based on a survey of 500 US residents who activated devices in the January to March quarter. Since no major new devices launched this period for any of these operating systems, this quarter’s results shed some light onto general consumer interest in the smartphone market. The rest of 2014 will be littered with launches, skewing the data toward the newest devices.

Android Reigns in US Smartphone Market

The poll by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners found 53% of new mobile phones activated by US customers were Android devices in the January-March period. Apple’s iOS, the platform used by the iPhone, accounted for 42%, the survey found.

Windows and BlackBerry devices each accounted for one per cent, while non-smartphones were just three per cent, the research firm said. Late last year 20% bought a “basic” mobile phone.

Research firm co-founder Mike Levin said Apple’s iPhone user base “grew a little faster than Android, from a smaller base, even though in absolute terms Android — used in Samsung phones — had a larger share.

He added: “The long-term issue is where Android and iOS growth will come from when there are no more basic phones being retired. First-time smartphone buyers are key to that equation.”

The report was based on a survey of 500 US adults, from April 1 to 6, who activated a new or used phone in the first three months of the year. Recent surveys of global phone users show Android has a nearly 80% share of smartphone sal

This win is big for Android, which was knocked to second place in the final quarter of 2013. Android fell behind iOS in this period with 46 percent of activations on Google’s OS and 48 percent for Apple’s. This spike in iOS activations is likely related to the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C smartphones just prior to the start of the fourth quarter. In its study, CIRP only looked at activations, not the number of devices running a given operating system. If CIRP had investigated the number of devices running on Android compared to iOS, the gap between the platforms would likely be much greater. So Android is leading in Smartphone in the Market.