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Over the past few months, there have been numerous leaks and discussions regarding the next-gen Apple iPhone 6S. The leaks were revealed by KGI security analyst Minch Chi Kuo, and most of them were left unconfirmed due to the lack of substantial information. Over time, more leaks have appeared that seem in line with the security analyst’s specifications. Let us have a closer look at all the specifications that can be expected from the next iPhone from Apple.

The release date for the iPhone 6S is expected to be in mid Q3. Apple has had a habit of launching their iPhones in the August-September period. Recently Vodafone had accidentally posted about the release date of the new iPhone. The blog post mentioned the iPhone is slated for a launch on September 25, 2015. Another Vodafone email was leaked out to various websites that detailed the Vodafone staff about the pre-orders of the iPhone being slated for September. With nothing left to the imagination any more, all the specifications have been leaked out, and we all know what to expect from the 2016 Apple flagship.

The phone is expected to have an Apple A9 processor coupled with 2GB RAM, and iOS9 will be available out of the box. Apple has recently announced iOS9 for most of their Apple iOS platform devices. It is expected the software rollout will follow the iPhone 6S launch. Coming to the external hardware, Catcher Technology (the company which produces the exterior metal casings for the iPhone) claims they will be using a special Series 700 metal that was used in the Apple Watch. The metal is supposed to be 60% stronger than the iPhone 6 metal and weighs less than a third of stainless steel. There had been various complaints about the previous generation iPhone due to quality issues. The Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus tend to bend when kept in trouser pockets for long durations.

The iPhone 6S would also use the Apple Watch’s force touch technology. It is a technology that helps displays react differently to different amounts of pressure. Devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note series had implemented it, but only for the stylus usage. It makes the device much easier to use and opens up endless possibilities for drawing and designing based apps.

The camera is also supposed to be bumped from an 8 megapixels to 12 megapixels. This information was leaked from the iOS9 coding leak, and there is no other information about the new camera for the next gen iPhone. There are a lot of expectations and much to be revealed before the September release of the iPhone. From what we can tell, the device will be a major upgrade from the iPhone 6 and Apple is taking the right steps to remove all the drawbacks of the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6S may come in two sizes just like the previous gen iPhone 6 which came in a 6 and 6 Plus variant to compete with the barrage of large screen phones.