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Most of the users have been staying away from BlackBerry phones because of its robustness and sophistication.  People have one big problem that is, the platform does not give access to most of the apps that people want to have in their Smartphone like Instagram, Zite and the Chrome browser. But with the new OS up gradation of BlackBerry 10.2.1, one of the Canadian Smartphone company has opened up its OS for Android apps. BlackBerry has recently announced the next version of its OS and will have access to Amazon App store. The OS 10.3 version is expected to be available by the end of this year. Now come to section how to install and run Android apps on a BlackBerry Z30. There are many options available to side-load Android apps on a BlackBerry. The available options is listed below-

OPTION 1: The easiest way is to mail yourself an APK, which can then be downloaded and installed. However, this method had a poor success rate.

OPTION 2: Then, an app came that bring Google Play to BlackBerry and hence be the easiest, at least on paper.

OPTION 3: Then after we have to try a third party app store called APK Train on the browser.  This was the closet for one to get Google Play on the BlackBerry device. This app store is clean and easy to use. It has a top apps section with search option. All the apps will be available within minutes as any Android device on the Z30. The following apps will be downloaded and installed within seconds.

VERDICT:  This device has all the Android apps to run. When the new BlackBerry Z3 launches in India early in next week, it would be a good phablet option. The phone price is around Rs 11,000 in Indonesia where it was launched a month back and it is expected that price is same in India or even a bit lower.  People who are using high-end BlackBerry devices, the side-loading option gives access to apps like Instagram and there is no requirement to carry a second device for same. So, we may have to take a new, android aided, look at BlackBerry devices.

For others extra information  the first time we install an .APK, we will be prompted to turn off a safety setting  which will then blocks installation of files. The previous installation screen return with a handy “Open” button which then replace the “Install” button when it is done. Now swipe the home screen from right to left a few times to find the icons and put it in whatever home screen we like. Just hold the finger on the icon for a moment to drag it. Other thing we may want to do is hide the bar at the bottom of the screen. And swipe down from the top when the app is open, and tap hide bar.

It is to remember that there is no guarantee that these apps will function as said in any advertisement. BlackBerry does not run Android apps, it can just Android apps. The Android app player in BlackBerry 10 is good, and should handle what we throw in it.