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Who are the 360,000 luckiest people in the world right now? Ask that to any electronic music fan, and the answer that you will get will be the same- the ones who are getting a chance to attend the Tomorrowland 2014. Yes, with only two months away, excitement levels are at their highest ass the world awaits the biggest and the most awesome party of the year.
If you are among the luckiest who are going to Tomorrowland 2014 , then it surely is going to be the best time of your lives. For all those going there for the first time, it can all get pretty overwhelming, considering how big the festival really is and the number and variety of people that are out there.
The first thing that you are actually going to see when you reach the town of Boom is people- loads and loads of them. For a town with a population of only 15,000, the number of daily visitors rises to 60,000 during Tomorrowland- more than 4 times the total population. This also means that unless you have accommodation at the Mansion or Full-Madness passes, you will need to make arrangement for the same pretty early, since all of the hotels in Boom and all nearby towns like Antwerp are full quite a few months in advance. For staying at Dreamville, be sure to arrive in advance in order to get a good spot.
The Tomorrowland 2014, in celebration of its 10th Anniversary, will for the first time be held on over two consecutive weekends- 18, 19 and 20th July and 25th,26th and 27th of July. The playing lineup of both the weekends will be the same however, with some differences in the order. So which weekend you would be attending won’t make much of a difference, and for those attending both of them, it is going to be even better.
In side Tomorrowland main festival area, there are a lot of DJs playing simultaneously. The one thing that you need to remember is that even if you think that you have seen it all- you haven’t! It all can get pretty overwhelming out there, and at times, the DJs that you haven’t heard of turn out to be among the best performers out there. So don’t stick to one stage- move around and catch a flavor of everything that is going on there.
Inside the main area, you can buy everything ranging from water to eating materials and so on. However, you cannot buy it using the regular cash- there is special Tomorrowland currency, which you can get from several of the exchange counters over there and there are also machines where you can use your Debit Cards to get the same. However, things like water and drinks are exhausted pretty early, so make sure you have plenty in supply with you, since there is no restriction to the amount of the same you can take in side.
The biggest party ever is just a few months away, and you surely must be pretty excited to go there! So pack your bags, get those Tomorrowland 2014 , bracelets out and go party!