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Before four months free Window 8.1 update was released but now we are revisiting this review to give a more up-to-date conclusion.

Overall little bit changes is done. In some ways it is better but in others ways it is not. Right now it is very crucial to start Window 8.1 just we have used Window in the past. Some tweaks is included in update such as the capability to boot straight to the traditional desktop that shows that Microsoft has at least listened to customer feedback, when most of the people consider it to be little too late.

Window 8.1: An OS of two Halves

Now many new laptops come with touch screens, and it is still very hard to understand why Microsoft has decided to force everybody to use the new interface. Unless, we bought one of the ‘hybrid’ devices like Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga or Sony Tap 11 that will convert between laptop and tablet modes it is uncomfortable to use the touch screen at arm’s length.

Many of the new laptops and virtually all new PCs have no touch screen. To control it with mouse and keyboard it is hard to handle. Plus the minimal approach is which the minimal approach which sees toolbars and other control hidden off-screen by default and it is very confusing for Window users.

The Window 8.1 update did not more to alter desktop side of things. Microsoft promised a return of Start button.

We can also customize and create the shortcuts to most-used programs and then after searching entire PC and the web for programs and for other documents etc.

If we cannot get the solution then just install Pokki or Classic Shell which get back the familiar old start menu form Window 7.

For those who are using tablet, the new ‘modern’ interface is same as what Window needs. It is designed in such a manner that it is operated with our finger not others type which needs a mouse for pointing and controlling the PC.

The absence of Start button was a big change in Window 8. Basically, no more change has done in Window 8.1. Still the desktop exist and separate Modern UIA ad 2 version of Internet Explorer also exists. It is better to allow the update as a chain of refinements rather than any major changes, backlogs or retreats.

Only one feature is seen undoubtedly as U-turn is the back of Start button in Window 8.1. It is a shortcut to the modern Start screen which is considered as replacement of the old start menu.

In this new version, on the start screen, we can click on a shortcut on desktop application and after that it will launch on the desktop. After that new experience is made by setting desktop wallpaper in the background on the modern Start screen.

There are little changes in the Start screen also. One arrow is pointing downward which swipe down or click on display in all of the apps. It is also easier to maintain groups of icons on the Start screen and two new icons will came namely large and small.